At this point, we can basically say that cannabidiol (CBD) has won over the hearts of people all over the country, but another cannabinoid has made its way onto the scene with equally promising properties, which is delta 8 THC.  This mildly psychoactive cannabinoid is federally legal, and legal in most states, while demand for it is growing exponentially.  It comes in a wide array of product types, including vapes, tinctures, flower, dabs and edibles, all of which allow us to enjoy its properties in a unique way.

Now, before you go out and buy the first delta 8 THC product that you come across, it’s important to know that some sources are better than others.  While most brands out there produce high-quality, lab-tested delta 8, some simply fall short, and even worse, there are some parties out there who may be trying to sell fake delta 8 altogether.  The good news is that we’re here to help with a list of the best places from where you can buy premium delta 8 near you – along with some avenues that you should completely avoid.

Where to Find Delta 8 Near Me

A Local Store that Specializes in Hemp

One of the best sources for delta 8 is a local store that specializes in hemp products.  These sources are likely to have a great selection of products, while each product has a quality level you can count on, as their entire business model is based on selling delta 8 THC that customers find to be beneficial.  Also, these stores have trained staff who can help you learn more about delta 8 so that you can find the perfect product for your precise needs.

From an Online Distributor

There are many online hemp distributors nowadays who carry great selections of delta 8 THC.  These companies typically carry delta 8 from a wide array of popular brands and are quite strict about what they sell to make sure that the quality of everything in their catalog is as high as possible.  Online distributors may charge less than local retailers due to lower overhead costs as well, while having special offers throughout the year.  One thing you may end up missing is the chance to interact with a person who knows a lot about delta 8 and can guide you through the process of choosing a product that is specific to you!  Plus, it is important to support local small businesses!

From an Online Company

Buying delta 8 THC directly from a manufacturer through their online retail website is another good choice, since you can learn the most about a specific product this way.  Brands that sell directly online tend to provide more insight into how their product is made so that you can really know what you’re getting and what makes it unique.  They even tend to have the best prices of all.

Where Not to Buy Delta 8 THC

From a Gas Station or Convenience Store

Gas stations and convenience stores that sell delta 8 THC likely aren’t going to meet your needs and standards.  Think about the quality level of the food that they sell, and then consider the quality of the delta 8 they must carry.  It is highly unlikely that the manager of one of these stores knows enough about delta 8 to make sure they carry only top-shelf products.  They are also usually more concerned with selling cheap products than ones that are premium in quality.

From an Unlicensed Vendor In-Person

Avoid delta 8 being sold by an unlicensed vendor at, say, a flea market or local fair.  Without a business license, they can’t be trusted to be selling high-quality or even authentic delta 8.   Delta-8 sold without a license may also be dangerous, containing harmful ingredients, since without a license, they do not have to adhere to strict industry standards of safety.

From an Unverified Online Party

Similarly, do not buy delta 8 THC from a random person on the internet, such as one who is selling through their Instagram page or on Craigslist.  Once again, if a person does not have a license to sell delta 8, you have no way of knowing whether or not they’re selling the real thing, let alone whether or not it’s high in quality or safe.

From a Vape Shop

Some vape shops have begun carrying delta 8 products, and you may happen to find one that carries high-quality formulas.  But, the product selection will likely be very limited, meaning you’ll end up settling for a product that doesn’t meet your ideals.  Keep in mind that some shop owners aren’t necessarily educated in delta 8 THC.  This could mean they may not even know they’re carrying a low-quality brand.

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