The vision:

GreenLife Remedies was founded by two cannabis loving Midwesterners for two reasons:  to utilize and exhibit the power of the cannabis plant and our passion to help people live their best lives through quality, ethical and all-natural remedies!   We have been in the cannabis industry for decades in a number of different facets, including the hemp industry here in North Carolina since 2018.  All this to say, we do it for the love of the plant and to help you find a way to include cannabis into your daily life from a place of experience and passion.

The products:

We have thoughtfully curated and handpicked out a selection of only the highest quality products in the industry today. We didn’t just choose popular or big moneyed brands; we actually have done quite the opposite.  Most of our vendors are small, quality focused brands that share the same vision, passion, and care as we do, and have crafted their products with love for the end user to enjoy, and more importantly find the relief they originally sought out looking for. And ALL of our products are made in the good ole USA, along with 3rd party lab tests from reputable labs, and with only the highest quality ingredients!  We truly set the pace in the industry for new products moving into the market.   Searching out new and unique brands is one of the several things that separates us from our competition.  Whether its edibles, flower, tinctures, or topicals, you can trust in GreenLife Remedies for all of your quality cannabis needs!

greenlife remedies owners at a cannabis farm
matt and nina houser inside their charlotte cbd store

The space:

We have created a dispensary style setup, where every guest gets to “experience” what it is like to shop for cannabis in a legal state.  We have a highly educated staff that understands this amazing plant and how it interacts with the body.  You won’t find a bunch of “pushy salespeople”, in fact; you will find someone who genuinely cares, willing and ready to discuss and explain our selection and recommendations.  You will leave knowing WHY you are walking out the door with the products you are, instead of confused and possibly mislead. We pride ourselves in having a clean, bright and welcoming atmosphere, and we care about one thing: helping YOU find QUALITY CANNABIS that will change your life.

The difference:

All of the above, along with our UNMATCHED KNOWLEDGE in the industry is what makes GreenLife Remedies your trusted cannabis shop In the South End area of Charlotte, NC. With a selection that is constantly evolving, and an education focused experience that will allow you to find exactly the right product for you and your specific needs.  We cannot wait to meet you.

Find us:

501 Penman Street, Charlotte, NC 28203.  We are open daily.  Or shop online, we ship orders out daily.