112, 2021

Where to Buy Delta 8 Near Me

At this point, we can basically say that cannabidiol (CBD) has won over the hearts of people all over the country, but another cannabinoid has made its way onto the scene with equally promising properties, which is delta 8 THC.  This mildly psychoactive cannabinoid is federally legal, and legal in most states, while demand for it is growing exponentially.  It comes in a wide array of product types, including vapes, tinctures, flower, dabs and edibles, all of which allow us to enjoy its properties in a unique way.

Now, before you go out and buy the first delta 8 THC product that you come across, it’s important to know that some sources are better than others.  While most brands out there produce high-quality, lab-tested delta 8, some simply fall short, and even worse, there are some parties out there who may be trying to sell fake delta 8 altogether.  The good news is that we’re here to help with a list of the best places from where you can buy premium delta 8 near you – along with some avenues that you should completely avoid.

Where to Find Delta 8 Near Me

A Local Store that Specializes in Hemp

One of the best sources for delta 8 is a local store that specializes in hemp products.  These sources are likely to have a great selection of products, while each product has a quality level you can count on, as their entire business model is based on selling delta 8 THC that customers find to be beneficial.  Also, these stores have trained staff who can help you learn more about delta 8 so that you can find the perfect product for your precise needs.

From an Online Distributor

There are many online hemp distributors nowadays who carry great selections of delta 8 THC.  These companies typically carry delta 8 from a wide array of popular brands and are quite strict about what they sell to make sure that the quality of everything in their catalog is as high as possible.  Online distributors may charge less than local retailers due to lower overhead costs as well, while having special offers throughout the year.  One thing you may end up missing is the chance to interact with a person who knows a lot about delta 8 and can guide you through the process of choosing a product that is specific to you!  Plus, it is important to support local small businesses!

From an Online Company

Buying delta 8 THC directly from a manufacturer through their online retail website is another good choice, since you can learn the most about a specific product this way.  Brands that sell directly online tend to provide more insight into how their product is made so that you can really know what you’re getting and what makes it unique.  They even tend to have the best prices of all.

Where Not to Buy Delta 8 THC

From a Gas Station or Convenience Store

Gas stations and convenience stores that sell delta 8 THC likely aren’t going to meet your needs and standards.  Think about the quality level of the food that they sell, and then consider the quality of the delta 8 they must carry.  It is highly unlikely that the manager of one of these stores knows enough about delta 8 to make sure they carry only top-shelf products.  They are also usually more concerned with selling cheap products than ones that are premium in quality.

From an Unlicensed Vendor In-Person

Avoid delta 8 being sold by an unlicensed vendor at, say, a flea market or local fair.  Without a business license, they can’t be trusted to be selling high-quality or even authentic delta 8.   Delta-8 sold without a license may also be dangerous, containing harmful ingredients, since without a license, they do not have to adhere to strict industry standards of safety.

From an Unverified Online Party

Similarly, do not buy delta 8 THC from a random person on the internet, such as one who is selling through their Instagram page or on Craigslist.  Once again, if a person does not have a license to sell delta 8, you have no way of knowing whether or not they’re selling the real thing, let alone whether or not it’s high in quality or safe.

From a Vape Shop

Some vape shops have begun carrying delta 8 products, and you may happen to find one that carries high-quality formulas.  But, the product selection will likely be very limited, meaning you’ll end up settling for a product that doesn’t meet your ideals.  Keep in mind that some shop owners aren’t necessarily educated in delta 8 THC.  This could mean they may not even know they’re carrying a low-quality brand.

GreenLife Remedies Can Cover All of Your Delta 8 THC Needs!

At GreenLife Remedies, we offer two avenues for buying our products: through our online marketplace, and in person at our Charlotte, NC hemp store and D8 dispensary.  Either choice gives you access to top-shelf, lab-tested delta 8 THC in an environment that you can completely trust.  Check out our products today, either online or at our shop, to know you’re getting the level of quality that you so deserve.

1511, 2021

Take a Tour of Our Charlotte Hemp Store & D8 Dispensary

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can access some of the finest CBD, delta 8 THC, and other hemp-infused products throughout the market at GreenLife Remedies.  We have been in the hemp industry for decades and have dedicated our lives to ensuring that our customers walk out with the perfect hemp formula for their particular needs.

If you’ve never visited our hemp store and delta 8 dispensary, then allow us to offer you a guide now so that you know what to expect when you do decide to pay us a visit.

GreenLife Remedies: Providing the Charlotte Area with Top-Tier Hemp

GreenLife Remedies is open to the public, and located right here in Charlotte, NC, serving the city and greater area with top-shelf hemp products carefully selected by yours truly.  We launched as a husband-and-wife team in 2020 after moving to Charlotte from Illinois, and we bring to the city years and years of dedicated hemp research and education.  Matt Houser is the owner, who has worked throughout the country as a cannabis expert, dealing with hemp, and both medical and recreational marijuana.

Matt is joined by his wife Nina, who has been in committed hemp research for 20 years, studying the benefits of the individual compounds in the plant to determine how to use cannabinoids and terpenes to benefit each and every individual based on their needs and goals.  We are very caring individuals that are passionate about the plant and our customers.

State-of-the-Art CBD and Delta 8 Products

The first thing that you’ll notice when you walk through our doors is our state-of-the-art product line, which offers premium hemp infused products from only the most trusted names in the industry.  We use our years of expertise to carefully choose each and every product that we carry, to know that no matter what our customers walk out with, they’re getting only the highest-quality, pure and lab-tested hemp possible.  Our products are displayed in an organized and tidy manner so that you can look through all of them without feeling overwhelmed.

An Emphasis on Education

Our store is more than a business that offers hemp products for sale.  We work hard to educate the local community about the hemp plant and all that it can offer to the human body, as well as the bodies of our pets.  We know that a lot of people who enter our store are somewhat unfamiliar with the full extent of what the plant’s chemical compounds are capable of, and we also know that an educated customer is more likely to reach their goals, whatever they may be, by choosing the right hemp-based formula from our catalog.

A Helpful and Properly Trained Staff

Our staff is fully trained in order to make each and every customer feel welcome in our facility.  Not only are they happy to take the time with each individual to address their particular needs and concerns, but they go above and beyond to make everyone feel like family.  We work hard to make sure that our employees are up to date on all research involving the hemp plant, so that they can share this valuable information with all who visit us.  We also have dosing experts on staff, so if you EVER have questions about dosing, we have you covered!

Affordable Prices

One thing that never fails to frustrate us is seeing businesses overcharge for hemp products, just to make some extra cash off of naïve customers.  The reality is that a lot of companies out there charge way more than necessary, despite not offering anything superior to industry standards that we adhere to.  We truly believe that hemp can offer a lot to each and every customer, and we want them to be able to enjoy the plant’s properties for a long time to come.  This is why we truly strive to offer the best prices locally, so that our customers never have to make notable sacrifices in order to enjoy our products indefinitely.

Something for Everyone

Our selection is noted for its size and diversity, and that’s because we want nothing more than to know that each person who walks through our door is able to find the product that’s the most likely to give them the results that they’re looking for.  Our formulas include topicals, skincare, tinctures, vapes, flower, edibles and even products for pets.  Each person has their own unique goals in mind when taking hemp, and we’re here to accommodate everyone.  Beyond that, we make sure to offer products in various strength levels, strains, flavors and more so that each person is catered to.

Visit GreenLife Remedies Today!

GreenLife Remedies is a family business run by individuals who have been in the cannabis industry for 2 decades, which is why our reputation is that of a company that Charlotte residents can trust.  Check out our selection today, and you can also speak with our trained staff to learn more about what the products that we carry can potentially do for you.  We look very forward to seeing you soon!

111, 2021

How to Find the Best CBD & Delta 8 Store Near You

Now that the hemp market has exploded, more people are seeking out cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 8 THC to introduce into their daily routines, but many simply don’t know where to start.  The industry seemingly came out of nowhere and expanded quickly, meaning that a lot of people don’t know how to begin to choose the best source for their hemp-related needs.

How to Scope Out the Best CBD & Delta 8 Store in Your Area

While each vendor may promise to offer top-quality, legitimate CBD and delta 8 THC to the masses, it’s important to know what to look for to be sure that you’re actually dealing with a trustworthy CBD and Delta 8 store that sells only pure, lab-tested and completely authentic hemp.

#1: A Quick Online Search is Very Helpful

If you’re interested in buying CBD or delta 8 in-person, the first thing that you need to do is know the selection of stores you’re working with in your local area.  Some regions may have more stores than others based on local demand.  Having a selection of vendors to check out is a good thing, since it means that you’re more likely to find exactly the type of product that you’re looking for, and it also indicates that local demand is high enough that local stores are more competitive with one another, thus raising the standards of the products themselves.  Be aware of stores where every single product is labeled as their own.  As mentioned above, having a selection of high quality different vendors and products is important.

#2: Research a Store Before Making a Purchase

Once you do find a store in your area that carries the hemp products you’re looking for, we strongly recommend that you do a little bit of research before visiting.  Make a point to check out reviews of the business to see what other people have to say, as this is where you may learn about the quality of the products they sell, their prices and other important information that affects your overall experience.  Also, look to see if they have a website where you can learn more about how their products are made, which products they offer and so on, to know whether or not they can satisfy your needs as a customer.  Also, pay attention to if the owners and employees have cannabis knowledge.

#3: Call Ahead to See if They Carry the Product(s) You’re Looking for

If there’s a very specific type of CBD or delta 8 product you’re looking for, such as, say, CBD flower in an Indica strain, or a delta 8 gummy that has extra potency, call the store before visiting.  Some stores have larger product selections than others, and you should never assume that a particular business carries exactly what it is that you want.

#4: Look for Informed, Friendly Staff

Properly trained staff can go a long way, especially if you’re a beginner.  The right staff can walk you through the process of choosing the perfect product for your particular goals, and help you understand how to use it properly to get the most out of it.  In fact, staff that are highly educated on CBD and delta 8, while also being friendly with customers, can make you feel more comfortable making a purchase overall.

#5: Make Sure the Company Carries Federally Compliant, Lab-Tested Products

It’s always imperative that the store you end up buying from follows specific protocol based on the law as well as quality standards throughout the industry.  By law, hemp products are required to contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC, so you’ll want to know that a store is adhering to this.  Also, all hemp products on the market should be tested by a registered third-party laboratory, with lab reports made accessible to consumers.  If a store does not provide this right off the bat, you should be suspicious of them.

#6: Be Mindful of the Type of Vendor You are Dealing with

Bear in mind that some local stores that carry CBD and delta 8 are more trustworthy than others.  For instance, buying from a CBD and delta 8 store that specializes in hemp products is more likely to satisfy your needs than going with a product sold in a gas station, where the attention to quality is much lower.

#7: Be Conscious of the Prices Because They Can Tell You a Lot

CBD and delta 8 products all fall within a general price range that’s standard throughout the industry.  A company whose products are way more expensive than the competition is likely trying to simply make more profits off of you, while CBD and delta 8 that is sold for very cheap is likely subpar in quality, either by containing low potency levels, poor purity or cheap ingredients.

Top-Shelf CBD and Delta 8 May Be Right Around the Corner

The good news is that it’s becoming increasingly likely to encounter exceptional CBD and delta 8 stores in your local area, as demand for hemp keeps on growing.  By doing a little bit of research beforehand, and also looking for indications that a store sells only top-quality product, you can end up with the perfect CBD and delta 8 THC for your daily needs.  The good news is, you are already here at GreenLife Remedies, and we are the perfect place for you to shop for your CBD, Delta 8 and other cannabinoid-specific products!

1410, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Delta 8 in Charlotte, NC

Did you know Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that has become increasingly popular since it first entered the marketplace a couple of years ago?  So, it’s no wonder why, given the exciting properties it possesses!  As demand for Delta 8 in Charlotte, NC and Nationwide grows, more companies are launching their own lines of hemp-derived delta 8 formulas in various delivery methods, strengths, flavors and strains.

Got Some Questions for Us? We Have Answers!

If you’re a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, you probably have a few questions about the cannabinoid, since it’s still new to many of us, including long-time CBD users.  We’re here to answer as many of those questions as possible with a guide to Delta 8 THC specifically in your area.

#1: Delta 8 is Legal in North Carolina

The first thing that you need to know is that Delta 8 is a fully legal cannabinoid in the state of North Carolina, which means that Charlotte residents can buy it and possess it without risk of getting into legal trouble.  The state of North Carolina recognizes federal law on all hemp matters, and federal law determines that delta 8 THC is legal in all of its forms and concentrations, as it complies with the law by containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.  It is however, considered a bit of a loophole to the 2018 Farm Bill and many states have begun banning the cannabinoid, but NC is not one of those states.

#2: Not All Stores Sell Top-Quality Delta 8

It’s important to note that just because delta 8 THC is more widely available than ever before, that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to encounter high-quality delta 8 products.  Sadly, there are companies that sell delta 8 to Charlotte residents that aren’t concerned with quality as much as they are with making an extra profit off of customers.  This is why you should only seek out reputable hemp brands in your area that follow lab-testing protocol through a third-party and use clean ingredients and pure delta-8 extracts.  Always research a company before purchasing from them to know that other people think highly of their formulas.

#3: You Can Buy Delta 8 Online or Locally

In Charlotte, you can buy delta 8 THC in two ways: buy it online or purchase it in-person from a local store.  Companies will ship delta 8 to your door, even if they’re located outside of North Carolina, since the hemp trade is fully legal across the nation.  This is a very convenient way to shop for the cannabinoid, but some people prefer looking at products in person, where they can see them up close and personal and talk to trusted experts behind the register to learn more.  At GreenLife, we have combined over 40 years in the industry between our educators and we care about high quality products and that it benefits your life positively.

#4: Delta 8 is Mildly Intoxicating

Delta 8 THC is a mildly intoxicating cannabinoid, which means that it will get you high.  While it won’t get you as high as marijuana, it is about 70% as psychoactive.  This is why you should always start with a low strength or dosage amount as a beginner, so that you can build up a tolerance to its intoxicating effects.  Many people describe the high of delta 8 as relaxing, refreshing and perfect for maintaining focus and concentration.

#5: Delta 8 is Worth Trying, Even if You Already Take CBD

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that shares a lot in common with CBD, primarily by its potential to be useful at nighttime, and being great for those looking for a natural way to unwind after a long day.  But, even if you’re taking CBD religiously, it’s worth trying delta 8 because ultimately, its effects are unique.  Besides the fact that it can get you high, which CBD is incapable of, it works on CB1 receptors in the nervous system to deliver properties to the nervous system functions that affect how we feel each day.

#6: Delta 8 Comes in Lots of Product Forms

Just like CBD, delta 8 THC comes in a wide array of product forms, including:

  • Vapes
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Flower
  • Dabs/Concentrates/Wax/Shatter

Each product is useful in the way in which it allows its effects to last in the body, and how potently those effects are felt.  Also, many delta 8 products come in a variety of strains so that you can get specific about the properties that you feel each time you consume the cannabinoid.  We LOVE ratio specific cannabinoid products at GreenLife and have a large selection that continues to grow.  We don’t stay stagnant with our selection, we love bringing in new top quality products as they hit the market so you don’t have to worry about shopping around!

#7: Delta 8 is Only for Adults

Because of its psychoactive nature, delta 8 is only for adults 21 years of age or older.  Adding to that, delta 8 is NOT for pets, because their nervous systems are incapable of handling the intoxicating properties.

Give Delta 8 THC a Try!

Delta 8 THC is a remarkably unique cannabinoid that naturally occurs in hemp, and in Charlotte, you can enjoy it legally while choosing from a wide array of product types that exist on the market.  Whether you buy it at a local shop or online, make sure that you go with a trusted name in the hemp industry to maximize your ability to enjoy this compound to its fullest potential. Give GreenLife Remedies a try in SouthEnd Charlotte at 501 Penman Street, Charlotte NC.

110, 2021

Should You Buy CBD Locally or Online?

We know that it’s easier to buy cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 8 THC than ever before, as more and more businesses are carrying hemp-infused products, and more brands are popping up with websites than ever before boasting catalogs of enticing formulas.  That being said, many people wonder whether it’s preferable to buy CBD locally or online. As you’ll see, each has its unique advantages.

Buying Delta 8 and CBD Online

You can find plenty of online retailers who carry delta 8 and CBD nowadays, who can legally ship these products to your home, assuming that the products in question are legal in your state.

#1: Product Selection

Online retailers typically have larger selections of products than physical retailers, but ultimately it depends on the retailer.  And, larger selections, doesn’t mean better quality….at all!  Overall, product selection is very important, because you want to know that you’re getting a product fully in line with your particular needs pertaining to factors like milligram strength, flavor and delivery method.

#2: Price

Often, online retailers have better prices because overhead costs associated with physical storefronts aren’t worked into the costs of products.  However, some companies may charge too much for shipping, which negates this advantage.

#3: Interaction with Industry Professionals

With online shopping, you won’t be able to enjoy one-on-one conversations with highly trained staff who can help you through the process of starting a hemp regimen.  Experienced hemp users who already know what they’re looking for usually don’t mind the lack of personal interaction.  At GreenLife, we have highly experienced educators that have dosing and extensive medical cannabis knowledge that would be qualified to help you select a good product.

#4: Convenience

Many people view online shopping as a more convenient option, since they can order their favorite CBD and Delta 8 THC products without having to step foot outside of their home or interact with anybody.

#5: Product Freshness

How fresh a product is depending largely on the turnover rate of a particular business, and many online retailers have relatively high product turnover rates.  Freshness can determine the potency of the cannabinoids, which degrade naturally over time, as well as the flavor of the product.

#6: Quality Standards

Online quality standards tend to be hit or miss compared to physical retail, with some exceptions.  This is because the online marketplace has higher visibility and more competition, which motivates businesses to sell quantity and not necessarily quality.  At GreenLife Remedies online and physical store, we purchase only carefully chosen ingredients, top-of-the-line extraction methods and organic hemp material because quality is very important to us.

Buying Delta 8 and CBD Locally

How available CBD and Delta 8 products are on a local level depends on where you live, and how much local demand is in your area.  But, more stores are popping up throughout the United States that sell these products in-person, and you can find stores that do carry these products by searching online.

#1: Product Selection

Product selection in a local store will depend on the size of the store itself, as well as the size of the customer base.  Another factor is whether or not the store specializes in hemp.  For example, you’ll find a wider selection of products at a hemp dispensary than in a wellness store that carries only a couple of CBD formulas alongside a larger inventory of supplements.

#2: Price

In most cases, local retail is a bit more expensive because the cost of the products contribute to the overhead costs of running a store.  But usually the difference is minor, and further, you’re not paying for shipping, which is a plus.  You are also often supporting a small, local business which is important.

#3: Interaction with Industry Professionals

Local stores are great if you’re a beginner to hemp who wants to learn more and has specific needs that must be addressed.  A store that specializes in hemp products can answer any question that you have to make you feel more secure with your routine moving forward.  We at GreenLife love guiding you through your visit at the store, but then also any questions after such as dosing, etc.

#4: Convenience

How convenient it is to buy hemp locally depends on how close the store is to where you live.  If there’s a hemp store within a couple of miles from your home, it’s pretty easy to take a quick trip and buy some products!

#5: Product Freshness

Again, the freshness of a store’s products depends on their turnover rate, which is influenced by traffic, local demand and more.  A company that specializes in hemp, in a location with high demand for these products, is more likely to have very fresh formulas in their inventory.

#6: Quality Standards

Delta 8 and CBD sold in your area can vary in quality and other important factors depending on the category of retailer.  For instance, a company that specializes solely in hemp is more likely to maintain extremely high quality standards then, say, a convenience store that doesn’t specialize in hemp at all, and is more interested in selling products as cheaply and quickly as possible.  Wherever you go for hemp, you should make sure that the products have been lab-tested by a third party, and that the ingredients in the products are clearly listed on their labels.

The Choice is Yours at GreenLife Remedies

GreenLife Remedies provides two avenues for exploring our massive selection of CBD, Delta 8 and other cannabinoid specific products.  You can purchase from us online, or you can visit our storefront in Charlotte, North Carolina for a more personalized experience.  Either way, we can promise fresh, high-quality and affordable hemp-based products from the best brands in the industry!  See you soon!

206, 2021

3 Different Types of Cannabinoids: Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10

Most of us know that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound of cannabis that gets us high.  However, it might be time to look past the association with intoxication pertaining to THC, and take a closer inspection at its properties, as this compound is a cannabinoid, offering distinctive effects to the body’s endocannabinoid system in an effort to aid in homeostasis.

While for decades we were only really familiar with delta 9 THC, the dominant compound in the marijuana plant, the ever-growing hemp market has introduced us to two alternative forms of THC – first, delta 8, and very recently, delta 10.  Naturally, those who are relatively new to the cannabis scene might be confused by these three compounds based on both their similarities and differences.

Beyond the High: Cannabinoids and the Body’s Endocannabinoid System

First, we want to explain why THC compounds can be more useful than their psychoactive status, especially when taken in the long term.  Delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 are all cannabinoids, like cannabidiol (CBD), the more common cannabis compound on the market which comes from the hemp plant.  Cannabinoids are unique because they are the only compounds in nature that directly interact with the endocannabinoid system, a complex system found in the body of every mammal.

The endocannabinoid system is a network of cannabinoid receptors that are found in every system of the body.  Every cannabinoid receptor is assigned a bodily process, whether it be pain receptor sensitivity, anti-inflammatory response, mood, appetite, and so on.  Cannabinoid receptors regulate their assigned processes in a way that contributes to balance and equilibrium throughout the body, which is known as homeostasis, and basically reflects maximum functionality of the body and mind.

For cannabinoid receptors to effectively regulate these processes of the body, they must be given cannabinoids.  And, each cannabinoid in cannabis binds to specific cannabinoid receptors to trigger individual responses that play a role in how we feel.

What this means is that taking a variety of cannabinoids each day may offer the most widespread effects throughout the body.  Therefore, you can understand why delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 can all be more valuable than the temporary high that they’re most known for.

There are two categories of cannabinoid receptors in the body:

  • CB1 Receptors are mainly located in the nervous system.
  • CB2 Receptors are associated with the immune system and the digestive system.

Some cannabinoids work on both of these types of receptors, while others choose to focus all of their attention on one category.  This has a lot to do with the distinctive properties that individual cannabinoids are associated with.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Where It Comes From:

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that’s been on the market for about a year now.  However, that doesn’t mean that it’s “new.”  Delta-8 has always existed in the hemp plant, being a byproduct of the natural aging process of delta 9 THC, meaning that delta 9 is converted into delta 8 as it breaks down through a natural process.

The delta 8 on today’s market is derived from the hemp plant in order to be compliant with federal law.  There is only about 0.1% delta 8 in hemp, meaning that we would not be able to feel its effects by taking the plant’s chemical composition as a whole.  Thus, the delta8 products that are available for purchase contain a concentrated form of this cannabinoid instead.

How It’s Made:

Delta 8 isn’t “made,” because it already exists in nature.  But, the concentrate that is found in delta 8 formulas that we can purchase is made through the same steam distillation process used to isolate delta 9 THC.  Due to the low prominence of delta 8 in the hemp plant, this is the most efficient method for rendering a delta 8 extract with enough potency to offer the compound’s effects in a noticeable way.


Delta 8 THC is, in fact, a federally legal compound, even in its concentrated form, as long as it comes from the hemp plant, which again, all commercially available delta 8 does.  This is because the federal law is clear that all hemp products and derivatives are legal as long as they contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC – the law says nothing about other forms of THC whatsoever.

Still, delta 8 has been banned in 11 states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

As long as you don’t live in one of these states listed above, you can legally purchase delta 8 in a variety of forms and concentrations without risk of legal repercussion.

Psychoactive Status:

Perhaps the biggest appeal of delta 8 is that it offers a milder high than delta 9, providing more of a buzz than a full-blown intoxicating experience.  In other words, delta-8 is less likely to impair functionality than delta 9, and many say they feel more clear-minded when taking delta 8 than delta 9.  The high is also associated with notable mood effects that are mainly calming.

Experts say that delta 8 is about 70% as intoxicating as delta 9.  Of course, taking an unusually high dose of delta-8 could still cause feelings of anxiety, low blood pressure and other side effects associated with taking too much delta-9, especially if a person is a beginner.

What to Expect After Taking:

Ultimately, how potent the intoxicating effects of delta 8 are depends on each individual’s tolerance, which is determined both by prior exposure to THC and a person’s unique endocannabinoid system, as some are simply more sensitive to these effects than others.  Overall, however, the majority of users will notice a “buzz” and a more relaxed feeling, and perhaps some mild sleepiness as well.


As delta 8 is fairly new to the scene compared to delta 9, there are fewer overall studies done on its effects.  But, early studies indicate lots of potential for offering relief from pain, anti-anxiety properties, neuroprotective properties, relief from nausea, and help with sleep.

What is Delta 9 THC?

Where It Comes from:

Delta 9 is the dominant cannabinoid of the marijuana plant, and easily the most known of the three forms of THC we will be discussing today.  The marijuana plant can have 15 to 30% THC in its chemical composition, while the hemp plant only has 0.3%, which is such a low level that using hemp cannot get you high, even if taken in a particularly large amount at one time.

How It’s Made:

Delta 9 is so abundant in the marijuana plant that most people simply use the raw plant material when they seek out delta 9 THC.  In other words, making a delta 9 concentrate or extract is less common than producing a delta 8 or delta 10 concentrate or extract.  However, delta 9 concentrates and extracts do exist, and these are usually produced using a distillation process that isolates the compound through exposing the full chemical composition of the plant to steam which gradually removes the unwanted compounds until a pure form of delta 9 remains.


Let’s cut to the chase.  Any product containing more than 0.3% delta 9 THC is federally illegal.  This means that the marijuana plant in its natural state is illegal, as are products containing concentrations of the compound above 0.3%.  Hemp products on the market are legal because the plant only contains 0.3% delta 9, as opposed to marijuana with its far higher concentration that naturally occurs.

Of course, we also know that in several states across the country, marijuana is legal, as state law can override federal law on this matter.  Therefore, if you do live in a state in which marijuana is legal, you can buy marijuana and experience a potent dose of delta 9 THC.

Psychoactive Status:

Delta 9 is by far the most psychoactive compound present in the entire cannabis genus.  After all, its high is so potent that it’s the reason why marijuana remains a federally illegal substance.  But, like most psychoactive compounds and substances, users may build a tolerance to these intoxicating effects over time, meaning that the high becomes less potent as usage progresses.

What to Expect After Taking:

After consuming delta 9 in any form, users can expect to feel a particularly powerful high in which their state of consciousness is noticeably altered.  Unlike the other THC compounds we will be discussing, delta 9 can truly interfere with mental clarity and abilities to perform basic tasks, if taken in a higher dose or if taken by an individual with a low tolerance.  Delta 9 THC also has unique effects on mood, often delivering both a sense of euphoria and calm, and may make a person feel sleepy.

Taking a higher than necessary dose of delta 9 could lead to:

  • Feelings of Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Grogginess
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Eyes and Mouth to Become Abnormally Dry

These effects are temporary, and wear off once the high is no longer active.

Potential Uses:

Like we said, THC cannabinoids can offer more than a high, because as cannabinoids, they may aid in the process of regulating functions of the body in a more long-term way.  Delta 9 THC, out of all of the compounds we are discussing today, has the most research behind it as it has been on the market for a longer period of time.

Among other things, studies show that delta 9 may help with:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Nausea
  • Low appetite
  • Neurological function
  • Anxiety

What is Delta 10 THC?

Where It Comes From:

Finally, we come to delta 10 THC, which is essentially a brand-new cannabinoid that was only discovered very recently and has only been on the market for a few weeks.  Delta 10 is incredibly unique from the other two forms of THC in that it doesn’t actually occur naturally in cannabis.

Delta 10 was discovered by accident, in fact.  In the past year, an existing cannabis farm in California was purchased by a new team of cultivators.  They decided to have the cannabis growing on the land tested to find out about its chemical composition.  They noticed that there was crystallization occurring in the compound structure, which was the result of the plant being exposed to a fire retardant during the tragic wildfires that claimed a lot of farmland in recent times.  Upon closer inspection, it was determined that this unique crystallization process resulted in the development of delta 10, a never-before-seen cannabinoid.

How It’s Made:

Rest assured that the delta 10 that is now emerging on the market has not been produced by exposing the plant to fire retardant.  In fact, once delta 10 was discovered, it was quickly determined that delta 10 is simply an isomer of cannabidiol.  What this means is that the two compounds have the same molecular makeup, but a different molecular arrangement.

In other words, rearranging the molecules of CBD produces delta 10, which, due to its unique arrangement, offers different properties and characteristics altogether.


Delta 10 essentially has the exact same legal status as delta 8.  As long as it’s made from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant, it’s fully legal under federal law.  And it’s illegal in the same 11 states that have banned delta 8 THC, which are:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Psychoactive Status:

Like delta 8, delta 10 is said to be about 70% as intoxicating as delta 9 THC.  But, it’s high is different from delta 8, as we will explain in the next section.  Delta 10, like delta 8, could potentially cause anxiety and grogginess if taken in a dose that’s too high, especially if you’re a beginner, but this is less common than it is with delta 9 THC.

What to Expect After Taking:

The high of delta 10 is quite distinctive, according to those who have already taken it as it’s only recently become commercially available.  While delta 8 is known for offering a more calming type of high, delta 10 seems to do the opposite, providing stronger uplifting effects, more of a mild energy boost and increased creativity and focus.

Potential Uses:

Here is the thing, delta 10 is so new that no studies have been done on its effects yet.  Therefore, we cannot say what its properties are because these have yet to be confirmed by researchers.  But, as a cannabinoid, delta 10 offers various properties throughout the body through interaction with cannabinoid receptors.  In the coming months and years, studies will be performed to examine the properties of this cannabinoid.

Given the energizing and uplifting properties people are describing, it is likely that delta 10 can be useful when you are feeling fatigued, unable to concentrate or experiencing a low mood.

What Can You Expect From These Different Types of Cannabinoids?

Effects on the Endocannabinoid System

Like we said, all three cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, and therefore play some role in the body’s ability to manage homeostasis.  The three cannabinoids do, however, work on different cannabinoid receptors, as each cannabinoid is distinctive in this way.

A “High”

No matter which compound(s) you go with, you will experience a high when taking it, as all three compounds are psychoactive.

Risk of Failing a Drug Test

All three cannabinoids put you at risk of failing a drug test, because all three are metabolized by an enzyme called THC-COOH.  It’s this enzyme, and not THC itself, that is identified in a standard urine test.  Likely, delta 8 and delta 10 render lower levels of THC-COOH, being milder, but they still put you at enough risk to make them worth avoiding if you will be tested in the near future.

Effects on Mood

Further, all three cannabinoids will likely offer some sort of desirable effect on your mood, as all three are associated with mood-balancing properties that go hand in hand with the high they produce.

Choosing the Best THC Compound for Your Needs

Now that you know what each of these cannabinoids can offer, you can have a better understanding of which one likely aligns with your goals and preferences the most.  Of course, unless you live in a state in which marijuana is fully legal, you can only lawfully choose between delta 8 and delta 10.  However, even these two cannabinoids are so distinctive in their effects that they are equally worth exploring.


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