Sleepy Bear Nighttime gummies are designed to give you your best night sleep every night. ┬áTheir trademark Sleep 5/3/2 formula blends a trio of natural ingredients to gently reduce a variety of nighttime issues while helping to restore the body’s natural sleep cycle.

Sleepy Bear provides everything you could want in a holistic sleep aid. Each delicious gummy contains 10mg of nighttime goodness highlighted by our powerful Sleep 5/3/2 formula. Using a trio of nano-emulsified CBN, CBD, and melatonin their gummies will lull you into a state of pleasant relaxation and sedation. Their unique blend helps to promote healthy sleeping habits and provides users with a deep natural sleep every night. Unlike other nighttime products, SleepyBear only uses naturally occurring ingredients that present no risk for dependency, addiction, or quick tolerance build-up when consumed as recommended.