PhytoFamily Sativa Capsules are a high cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD) capsule made with Colorado hemp.

Cannabigerol capsules are great for daily use. Cannabigerol is typically found in higher concentrations in sativa strains. These capsules contain a high concentration of hemp phytochemicals preserved by our ethanol extraction process. This process preserves more terpenes, which are the phytochemicals that make different cannabis strains unique.

This formulation uses MCT oil for the delivery vehicle. This is our new leak-proof gel capsules formulation. We love capsules for their discreet and convenient form. CBD capsules make it easy to adjust your dosage and find what works best for you.


  • Each capsule contains 25mg CBD, 2.5mg CBG, and 1mg Terpenes
  • Made with full spectrum hemp crumble
  • We use MCT oil from coconuts as the delivery vehicle which aids in absorption.
  • Made with a leak-proof gelatin capsule
  • Store in a cool, dark place to preserve terpenes and oils.
  • Made with advanced lab grade homogenization technology to reduce the droplet size