Light and refreshing. Mojito features citrus and mint notes with slight floral undertones. Perfect for anytime of day, it has relaxing effects and a calming cerebral body high.

Tropic Thunder: Vacation in a vaporizer. The euphoric properties of HHC are perfectly paired with Tropic Thunder, a hybrid strain that brings the island vibe to life. Suitable for any time of day, this strain offers mellow, yet uplifting effects.

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a minor cannabinoid found in small concentrations within the stalks, flowers, and pollen of hemp. It is not THC, yet it produces similar effects to Delta 9 THC when ingested. HHC produces a stronger and more euphoric experience over Delta 8 and when combined with our proprietary minor cannabinoid blend, our HHC experience is the first of its kind. Enjoy!

1 Gram Disposable Cartridge

Zero Cutting Agents

Our Vapes are pure and uncut. Unlike other competitors, VIAA NEVER uses fillers and cutting agents.

Products are made exclusively from the hemp plant to comply with federal regulation.