Did you know Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that has become increasingly popular since it first entered the marketplace a couple of years ago?  So, it’s no wonder why, given the exciting properties it possesses!  As demand for Delta 8 in Charlotte, NC and Nationwide grows, more companies are launching their own lines of hemp-derived delta 8 formulas in various delivery methods, strengths, flavors and strains.

Got Some Questions for Us? We Have Answers!

If you’re a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, you probably have a few questions about the cannabinoid, since it’s still new to many of us, including long-time CBD users.  We’re here to answer as many of those questions as possible with a guide to Delta 8 THC specifically in your area.

#1: Delta 8 is Legal in North Carolina

The first thing that you need to know is that Delta 8 is a fully legal cannabinoid in the state of North Carolina, which means that Charlotte residents can buy it and possess it without risk of getting into legal trouble.  The state of North Carolina recognizes federal law on all hemp matters, and federal law determines that delta 8 THC is legal in all of its forms and concentrations, as it complies with the law by containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.  It is however, considered a bit of a loophole to the 2018 Farm Bill and many states have begun banning the cannabinoid, but NC is not one of those states.

#2: Not All Stores Sell Top-Quality Delta 8

It’s important to note that just because delta 8 THC is more widely available than ever before, that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to encounter high-quality delta 8 products.  Sadly, there are companies that sell delta 8 to Charlotte residents that aren’t concerned with quality as much as they are with making an extra profit off of customers.  This is why you should only seek out reputable hemp brands in your area that follow lab-testing protocol through a third-party and use clean ingredients and pure delta-8 extracts.  Always research a company before purchasing from them to know that other people think highly of their formulas.

#3: You Can Buy Delta 8 Online or Locally

In Charlotte, you can buy delta 8 THC in two ways: buy it online or purchase it in-person from a local store.  Companies will ship delta 8 to your door, even if they’re located outside of North Carolina, since the hemp trade is fully legal across the nation.  This is a very convenient way to shop for the cannabinoid, but some people prefer looking at products in person, where they can see them up close and personal and talk to trusted experts behind the register to learn more.  At GreenLife, we have combined over 40 years in the industry between our educators and we care about high quality products and that it benefits your life positively.

#4: Delta 8 is Mildly Intoxicating

Delta 8 THC is a mildly intoxicating cannabinoid, which means that it will get you high.  While it won’t get you as high as marijuana, it is about 70% as psychoactive.  This is why you should always start with a low strength or dosage amount as a beginner, so that you can build up a tolerance to its intoxicating effects.  Many people describe the high of delta 8 as relaxing, refreshing and perfect for maintaining focus and concentration.

#5: Delta 8 is Worth Trying, Even if You Already Take CBD

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that shares a lot in common with CBD, primarily by its potential to be useful at nighttime, and being great for those looking for a natural way to unwind after a long day.  But, even if you’re taking CBD religiously, it’s worth trying delta 8 because ultimately, its effects are unique.  Besides the fact that it can get you high, which CBD is incapable of, it works on CB1 receptors in the nervous system to deliver properties to the nervous system functions that affect how we feel each day.

#6: Delta 8 Comes in Lots of Product Forms

Just like CBD, delta 8 THC comes in a wide array of product forms, including:

  • Vapes
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Flower
  • Dabs/Concentrates/Wax/Shatter

Each product is useful in the way in which it allows its effects to last in the body, and how potently those effects are felt.  Also, many delta 8 products come in a variety of strains so that you can get specific about the properties that you feel each time you consume the cannabinoid.  We LOVE ratio specific cannabinoid products at GreenLife and have a large selection that continues to grow.  We don’t stay stagnant with our selection, we love bringing in new top quality products as they hit the market so you don’t have to worry about shopping around!

#7: Delta 8 is Only for Adults

Because of its psychoactive nature, delta 8 is only for adults 21 years of age or older.  Adding to that, delta 8 is NOT for pets, because their nervous systems are incapable of handling the intoxicating properties.

Give Delta 8 THC a Try!

Delta 8 THC is a remarkably unique cannabinoid that naturally occurs in hemp, and in Charlotte, you can enjoy it legally while choosing from a wide array of product types that exist on the market.  Whether you buy it at a local shop or online, make sure that you go with a trusted name in the hemp industry to maximize your ability to enjoy this compound to its fullest potential. Give GreenLife Remedies a try in SouthEnd Charlotte at 501 Penman Street, Charlotte NC.